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7 Best Wearable Vibrators in Australia

Even though they’re designed to help you achieve a powerful orgasm, vibrators can sometimes be a surprising amount of work. You have to hold them in just the right place, which leaves with you one or maybe even no free hands.

This can be problematic for some obvious reasons if you’re using the vibrator with a partner. How are you going to touch your partner if you need to constantly hold the vibrator in place?

Wearable vibrators can solve that issue. Plus, some of them are discreet enough that you can even wear them while you’re out and about for some naughty fun.

To illustrate their usefulness, we’ve found the best wearable vibrators in Australia and gathered them into one convenient list.

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Best Wearable Vibrators in Australia

Venus Butterfly 10 Function Hands-Free Vibrator

Venus Butterfly 10 Function Hands-Free Vibrator

The sexy pink colour and straps of this Venus Butterfly vibrator will free up your hands to do whatever you please. Because it’s remote-controlled, you won’t need to do anything other than choose your favourite setting from 10 different vibration modes and then let the vibrator go from there.

Thanks to the straps, you could potentially even wear the vibrator under your clothes. The vibrator will fit snug against your body as you move around.

If you’re concerned about the straps being uncomfortable, there’s no need to be. They’re completely adjustable, so they can fit just about anyone.


• Straps hold the vibrator to your body without you needing to use your hands.

• The straps can be adjusted to fit virtually anyone.

• Has 3 speeds and 7 vibration patterns that allow you to tweak each session to your liking.

• You could easily fit the vibrator under your clothes if you wanted to take it out of the bedroom.


• It can take some time to figure out how the straps work at first.

Double Fun Beaded Vibrating Double Penetration Strap On

A wearable vibrator doesn’t just have to be a toy by itself. The right vibrator can actually turn some parts of your body into a sort of living vibrator, which is exactly what this strap-on does.

Designed to attach to your or your partner’s shaft, this vibrator will turn a certain sensitive body part into a penetrating vibrator. At the top, there’s a bullet vibrator with textile nodules that will feel mind-blowing as they nestle against your clit.

Meanwhile, the second beaded attachment below the shaft will explore the path less travelled by. We can assure you that this vibrator will leave you feeling delightfully and completely full.


• This cock ring stimulates both the wearer and their partner.

• It’s a three-in-one sex toy, with a built-in clitoral stimulator and anal penetrator.

• The beaded texture on the shaft will provide increased sensations as it slides in.

• It can safely be used in water.


• Some users said it can be a bit tricky to put on initially.

Lovense Lush 2 App Controlled Rechargeable love Egg Vibrator

Vibrators with remote controls like this Lovense one are amazing for couples. This is because you can slip on the vibrator, then pass the control over to your partner, letting them guide you to bliss over and over again.

What we especially love about this one is how it can be distance-operated. All you need to do is connect to the app in order to control it. If your partner has the app and you’ve allowed them to access the vibrator, they can send you over the moon and back again no matter how far apart they are.

Best of all, the vibrator will hit both your clit and your g-spot at the same time. You’ll be blown away by how easily it thrusts you into pleasure every time you use it.


• The vibrator is controlled with an app, so you can control it from any distance.

• It’s USB-rechargeable, so you don’t need to get batteries for it.

• When it’s fully charged, it can continuously vibrate for up to 3 hours.

• Offers amazingly powerful vibrations.


• Can be expensive.

• Some felt the tail connecting the clitoral and g-spot vibrators wasn’t very comfortable to wear for long.

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Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator

If what you want is a vibrator you can wear outside of the bedroom comfortably, knicker vibrators like this Desire model can’t be beat. As you can see, it’s designed to slide into a pair of knickers, so it easily fits under your clothes.

Furthermore, the vibrator has an impressive array of 12 vibration speeds and 8 vibration patterns. With all those combinations, you can be sure that one will be perfect for delivering you orgasm after orgasm.

You also have to love the remote control. If you really want to spice it up, slip into the knickers and give your partner the remote as you head out for a date night. Things will be guaranteed to get quite interesting!


• Operated by a remote control that can be used up to 8 metres away.

• Has 12 vibration speeds and 8 patterns that allow you tweak the vibrator to your exact cravings.

• Small size is discreet and can be slipped into your knickers.

• Includes an adorable pair of ribbon-tie knickers.

• Comes with a storage case you can use to hide away the toy between uses.


• At higher settings, it can be kind of loud.

Secrets 5 Function Remote Control Vibrating Lace Thong

Want a knicker vibrator that’s a little bit cheekier? Consider this Secrets 5 Function vibrator, then, as it comes with a sexy lace thong that will leave your partner drooling over you.

You certainly don’t need the lace thong to make use of the vibrator, though. You can just as easily use it by itself for a powerful vibration time and time again.

This is also another great pick for couples. Because the vibrator is operated with a remote control that can be used up to 10 metres away, you’ll love going out with your date and struggling to hide the repeated orgasms they give you from a distance.


• Comes with a sexy lace thong you’ll love wearing.

• You can remove the vibrator from the thong to use separately at any time.

• The remote control works from up to 10 metres away, which is perfect for some spicy play while you’re on the move with a partner.


• There are some reports of the vibrations being audible, so you may not be able to use it in perfectly quiet settings.

Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring

Vibrators don’t have to be a toy exclusively for women. With this vibrating cock ring, a man can enjoy the vibrations, as well!

Not only does the cock ring apply vibrations to your clit when he’s all the way inside, but it always vibrates against his shaft, too. This is another wonderful option for couples to explore when they want to shake up their routine.

What makes this a particularly good cock ring is that it has multiple vibration settings. The powerful bullet vibrator inside it can be adjusted to 5 different speeds and patterns, giving it a phenomenal level of versatility.


• The material used to make the ring is hypoallergenic, so no need to worry about allergic reactions.

• It’s USB-rechargeable, which means you won’t need to spend money on batteries.

• It has two rings that can go around the shaft and testes to increase your man’s stamina.

• With 7 different vibration intensities and patterns, you can make it feel like a brand-new toy every time you use it.


• A few customers have stated that it can be difficult fitting the second teste ring on.

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Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

The Basics Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring is another example of a cock ring for both him and her. On top of providing him delightful continuous vibrations, the rabbit ears on top are designed to nestle around her clit when he’s fully inside.

If you’re worried that penetration will get boring in time, this cock ring is here to prove to you that that couldn’t be more wrong. With those long rabbit ears, both partners will find themselves craving more after every use.

To increase his stimulation, the ring has a ribbed panel on the inside. On top of the vibrations, this will give his shaft an O-worthy massage.


• Powerful vibrations will stimulate both him and her simultaneously.

• The ring is extremely stretchy, which enables it to fit on just about any man comfortably.

• Comes with 2 sets of batteries, so you’ll have everything you need to start as soon as you receive it.

• Ribbed panel on the interior of the ring stimulates his shaft as he thrusts.


• It only has one vibration mode, which you may get too used to over time.

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Features to Think About


Wearable vibrators can mean different things for different people. For some, it might just mean a vibrator you can wear on parts of your body for hands-free use. Others see wearable vibrators as something you can keep on underneath your clothes, secretly wearing as you go about your day.

The difference here is discretion. Do you want a vibrator you can use at literally any time, or is that not important to you?

If it is important, look for vibrators that are especially discreet. You don’t want to wear one in your knickers if everyone around you can hear it. The best way to determine a vibrator’s discretion is both to look at pictures and customer reviews.

Internal or External

Another thing to think about is where you want to apply the vibrator. Vibrators aren’t just clitoral; many people like to use vibrators both for anal and g-spot stimulation.

However, you’ll need a specific design to achieve those ends. For example, you can’t use a wand vibrator to stimulate your g-spot.

For that reason, you should consider whether you prefer your vibrator to be one that can be inserted. Some vibrators can even do both, reaching both your g-spot and your clit when you wear them.

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Perhaps one of the best things about wearable vibrators in general is that they tend to be hands-free. Quite a few of them use convenient controllers that allow you to set the vibrator and then attend to other matters with your hands.

Of course, if that’s not your preference, that doesn’t have to be the case. Cock rings, for example, are usually not operated with controllers.

Because you have the option, you should think about whether you want an easy remote control or if you prefer your vibrator to be operated with buttons or dials. Some may prefer the latter because they worry about the risks of losing a controller.

Wrap Up

If you’re still a little uncertain what to get, we recommend starting with the Lovense Lush 2 App-Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator. Its small size and easily insertable shape make it less intimidating than some of the other options on this list.

On top of that, we love how it can be used from any distance. With the companion app, you could wear this vibrator while you go about your day, and your partner could send you into orgasmic bliss without even being in the same building as you. This is exactly why we also consider it one of the best wireless vibrators in Australia.

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