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8 Best Couples Vibrators in Australia

Most people assume that vibrators are only designed for women, or that they’re only made for one person to use. The average person tends to think of vibrators as a solo activity, not something you do with a partner.

We’re pleased to say that that belief certainly doesn’t have to be true. A vibrator can become a vital part of any couple’s play, and we can prove it to you.

We’ve pulled together several of the best couples’ vibrators in Australia. With the toys on this list, you and your partner will both get to play.

Best Couples Vibrators in Australia

Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

Penetration is often not enough to bring a woman over the edge – sometimes, you need just a little more, and that’s what this Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring is perfect for. With this cock ring, any guy can turn himself into a real-life vibrator.

The ring has rabbit ears on top. As the man slides into his partner, those rabbit ears will tickle her pearl, leaving her squirming and begging for more.

If you’re worried it won’t fit, don’t be. Made of an ultra-stretchy material, the ring can accommodate all kinds of shapes and sizes, ensuring both partners are totally comfortable.


• Turns any man into a living vibrator.

• Rabbit clitoral stimulator will leave any woman quivering as her man slides in.

• The material is stretchy, so it can fit just about anyone.

• Ribbing on the inside provides some stimulation for the wearer and keeps it in place.


• There’s only one vibration setting.

Lovense Lush 2 App Controlled Rechargeable love Egg Vibrator

What makes this Lovense Lush vibrator so fun is the app it connects to. Using the app, couples can control the vibrator from a distance.

This means the pleasure doesn’t have to stop at your bedroom door. Nestle the vibrator inside and let your lover kick it up a notch when you’re least expecting it for a little extra spice.

You won’t need to worry about anyone hearing if you decide to take it for a ride outside the bedroom. It’s designed to vibrate quietly, so you can use it whenever and wherever you’d like.


• Hands-free controls with an app.

• You can hand control over to your partner.

• Built to vibrate quietly.

• Provides clitoral and g-spot stimulation simultaneously.

• Waterproof for safe use in the shower or bathtub.


• Can be expensive.

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Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator

Every girl should have a massage wand vibrator like this Deluxe Rechargeable Mini one in her repertoire. They’re powerful, easy to use, and provide infinite pleasure – both of the aching muscles and intimate type.

This massage wand vibrator is extra-small but doesn’t sacrifice any power. Instead, it’s dainty size just makes it easier to store away in between uses. In fact, it’s so small, you can easily fit in your pocket in a pinch.

How is it beneficial for couples? The small size is ideal for manoeuvring between your bodies. Besides, nothing says you can’t use it to give your partner a slow, sexy massage that just happens to end in a little additional stimulation.


• Pocket-sized for effortless storage.

• Powerful vibration with 7 patterns and 10 different strength levels.

• A flexible neck allows you to reach the perfect spot.

• Smaller size makes it simpler to use with a partner.


• It’s not waterproof, so you cannot safely use it in the shower.

Alive 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg

What makes this egg extra cheeky is the fact that you can use it from anywhere. Its sleek size and discretion mean you could go out for a date with your partner – and they could surprise you with a burst of stimulation using the included controller.

There are all kinds of creative uses for this slender egg. Use it in the bedroom to up the ante a bit or use while you’re on the move. Keep the controller yourself and turn it on for a for an invisible pick-me-up or even give control over to your partner when you want some fun.

You can even tailor it to your needs. With ten different vibration patterns, this frisky little toy can give you what you need and whenever you need it.


• Remote controlled for hands-free use. The remote control can be used from up to 15 metres away!

• Slender size makes it easy to insert, but rounded shape allows it to hit all your soft spots.

• Has ten different vibration patterns that make it possible for you to customise your experience time after time.

• Your partner can use the controller for you when you’re ready to spice it up a bit.

• Discreet enough to use wherever you want to.


• There are some reports that the battery life is a little short.

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator

There’s nothing that will turn your other half on quite like a sexy, gorgeous pair of knickers. Not only are these knickers beautiful, but they have a dirty little secret: an included vibrator.

Just slide the vibrator into these adorable knickers and take the remote control. From there on, pleasure is just a press of a button away.

Use it to make your daily chores more interesting. Use it for a bit of naughty public fun. Of course, it goes without saying that you can use it in the bedroom.

Take things up a notch by passing the controller to your partner. They’ll love having total control over your pleasure.


• Includes both an alluring pair of knickers and a vibrator.

• Boasts an impressive 12 speeds with 8 different vibratory patterns.

• Sold with a storage case that you can charge the vibrator in.

• Has a remote control that can be operated up to 8 metres away – perfect for hands-free solo or partner play.


• Gets a little loud at higher vibration settings.

GLUVR Rechargeable 6 Function Finger Vibrator

A vibrator doesn’t need to be something only enjoyed by ladies. Quite the opposite – vibratory sensations can send men into unexplored vistas of bliss, too.

Enter the GLUVR Rechargeable 6 Function Finger Vibrator. Worn over two fingers, it makes your hand into a powerful vibrator.

The possibilities are endless. You could give your boyfriend a luxurious massage that will work out all his kinks…or you could wrap it around his most sensitive place and let the vibrations take him to a whole new level.

Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can take it into the shower for some wet, slippery playtime.


• Dual vibrators that deliver powerful stimulation to wherever you want.

• Completely waterproof, so you can use it in the tub or shower.

• Fits comfortably over your fingers for total flexibility.

• Has three speeds and patterns that give you the power to create whatever experience you want.


• Some have said that’s noisier than expected.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator

This Hot Octopuss vibrator is further proof that vibrators can be just as fun for gentlemen. It’s also absolutely perfect for bringing your other half into the mix.

That’s because, like with some of the other vibrators on this list, it comes with a remote control. Just wrap the soft silicone vibrator around your man and use the watch-shaped controller to take him over the edge.

Of course, it’s great for solo stimulation, as well. But there’s nothing quite as fun has guiding your partner over orgasmic crests yourself.


• Stretches to accommodate men of just about any girth.

• Has 6 vibration patterns and 8 intensities, so you can customise it to be exactly what you need.

• The controller can be worn on your wrist – no need to worry about how you’re going to hold it.

• You don’t have to be erect to use it, as it can fit comfortably on flaccid men, too.


• Can be a little loud.

Double Duty Vibrating Double-Ended Strap-On Dildo

Up until now, the toys we’ve picked have only been designed to pleasure one person at a time. They can be fantastic, especially if you’re the kind of person who loves watching your partner orgasm.

But using a toy doesn’t have to be an experience where only one half of the couple gets to feel the sensations. With this Double Duty Vibrating Double-Ended Dildo, both can feel the powerful vibrations at the same time.

This dildo is perfect for pegging or use as a strap-on between female partners. Either way, it will send both halves of the couple to their pleasure peeks at the same time, so you can experience orgasms together.


• Double-ended and vibrating for pegging or strap-on use.

• The shafts curve so they’re perfect for hitting the right spots.

• To ensure your comfort, the harness is easily adjustable.

• Comes with a remote control that lets you tweak the vibrations.


• The straps will take some time to adjust to your body, so you may want to test the fit before using it.

Features to Think About When Choosing a Couples Vibrator

Remote Control

One of the things that makes any vibrator especially couple-friendly is a remote control. It’s lovely to watch your partner enjoy themselves – but it gets even better when you’re involved in some way.

A remote control lets you do exactly that. By putting the remote control in your hand, you get to play with vibration settings and watch as your partner squirms in pleasure.

This isn’t a required feature. A vibrator doesn’t necessarily need a controller to function, but it can be more fun for all those involved if there is one.


The size of a vibrator is important for a few reasons. First, if it’s designed for insertion, a smaller vibrator will be much easier to slide in than a large one.

Second, smaller sizes are better to conceal. You likely don’t want your friends, family, or anyone else seeing your vibrator. If it’s smaller, you’ll have no problem finding a good place to hide it.

Last, the size of the vibrator directly impacts its manoeuvrability. If you’re playing with your partner, having to fit a huge vibrator between you two gets to be a real struggle. This isn’t an issue with smaller vibrators.

Of course, this isn’t to say that large vibrators don’t have their uses. For instance, a big vibrator, if created for internal use, will give you a lovely full sensation.


Many couples like to spend time in the shower or bath together. Not only does this conserve water, but it allows them to have some privacy for fun.

If that’s something you’re interested in, then a waterproof vibrator is a must-have for you. As you might have guessed, they’re ideal for getting frisky in the water, and will turn any shower into a slick sexual experience.

Again, this doesn’t have to be the case for your vibrator. If you don’t want to bring it into your shower, then waterproofing isn’t necessary.

Vibration Patterns and Settings

If all your vibrator did was buzz along at the same intensity and pattern every time, you’d quickly find yourself yawning after a few uses. It should go without saying that your vibrator should never leave you feeling bored.

This is why different vibration settings are important. Most vibrators will have multiple intensities and patterns to tweak. They help keep you on your toes, but most importantly, they allow you to ensure you have the perfect sensations for cultivating orgasms every time.

Ease of Use

You’re not going to want to use a vibrator that’s intimidating, overly complicated, or difficult to control. Like any other product, you’ll use it more if it’s simple.

Remote controls, for instance, help make it easier to use a vibrator. Rather than having to reach down to adjust the vibrations, you can just push a button on a controller and relax.

Some vibrators are undoubtedly better suited to those with a lot of experience. Strap-ons are a good example; although they’re fun and powerful, fitting the straps and keeping the vibrator in place can take some practise.

Wrap Up

Any of the vibrators on this list would be perfect for taking your intimate time up to the next level. If you asked us which one we’d be most eager to try, it would be the GLUVR Rechargeable 6 Function Finger Vibrator.

We feel as if it’s one of the most flexible vibrators on this list. If you can use your fingers for the stimulation, you can use this vibrator. Massages, g-spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, even handjobs – this vibrator can do it all.

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