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8 Best Vibrators for Older Women in Australia

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up fun. If you think pleasure it beyond your reach simply because you’ve aged a little, we’re pleased to inform you that couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, with the help of toys, you can easily achieve orgasms. We’ll show you how effortless it can be with this list of the best vibrators for older women in Australia.

Best Vibrators for Older Women in Australia

Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator

Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator

The word “classic” is in the name of the Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator for a reason. Wand vibrators are a timeless addition to any woman’s toybox, and you should have at least one in yours, too.

They’re incredibly easy to operate. To experience all the vibration patterns, all you need to do is scroll the wheel on the front of the wand.

Furthermore, since it plugs into an outlet, you don’t ever need to buy batteries for it. You can just plug it whenever you’re in the mood for some naughty fun and hold the soft, rounded head against your favourite spots.


• The scroll wheel is very user-friendly.

• There are numerous vibration settings to scroll through, so there’s undoubtedly one that’s perfect for you.

• You can use the toy as a massager if you have sore muscles.

• The extra-long cord is 1.8 metres, which gives you plenty of room to get comfortable.


• Its overall size is a little large.

• Some owners feel that it’s noisy.

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators like this Tracey Cox Supersex one are another must-have for any lady’s pleasure toolkit. Like wands, they’re easy to use and they also have an added benefit: portability.

It could be the perfect travel companion for a stressful trip. You can schedule some me-time in any hotel room by packing this tiny, storage-friendly vibrator in your luggage.


• Because it’s waterproof, you can use it in the shower or bath.

• Its small size is easy to store or pack in a bag.

• You control it with a single, effortless button.

• It’s not immediately obvious that it’s a vibrator, so no need to panic if any friends or family catch a glimpse of it.


• The vibrator is made from hard plastic, which might not be comfortable for you if you’re quite sensitive.

• It can be loud at higher settings.

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Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator

You’ve probably noticed a trend with many of the vibrators on this list: there are reports of quite of few of them getting kind of loud. What if you want a vibrator that’s much more discreet?

In that case, we suggest considering this Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator. It’s designed to run quietly, so you can use it in peace without worrying about the whole house hearing.

We also love that it gives you flexibility when it comes to how you use it. Its rounded shape and rippled sides make it an excellent vibrator for penetration, but you can also stick to clitoral stimulation if that makes you feel more comfortable. 


• Designed to be quieter than competitors when it’s on so you don’t need to worry about everyone hearing it.

• It’s safe to bring in the shower or bath with you, as it’s waterproof.

• Has multiple speeds and patterns to tweak to your specific preferences.

• You can press it to your clitoris for an easy orgasm or insert it if you’re craving penetration.


• There are some reports that the plastic can feel a bit too hard.

Erotic Rocket 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator

Looking for something that will easily blast you into bliss time and time again? Consider getting on board with the Erotic Rocket, which is prepared to propel you to new heights – just like its name implies.

What sets this one apart from many other clitoral vibrators is the metal beads on the end. They channel all the vibrations of the toy, allowing you to perfectly target your most sensitive spots.


• Smooth metal beads on the end of the toy make it easy to target your clitoris.

• It has 3 different speeds and 7 patterns, allowing you to tailor it to your unique needs.

• You can control it using straightforward buttons.

• It’s completely safe to bring in the shower with you.


• Some owners feel as if the metal beads could be made from higher-quality metal.

• It’s made from hard plastic and metal, which may not be as suitable for you if you have sensitive skin.

Flash 7 Function Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

If you want something that will feel luxuriously soft on your most sensitive regions, give this Flash 7 Function Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator a try. Made from silky silicone, it will feel like an absolute pleasure against your skin.

This is also an excellent vibrator for beginners. Its slender size and design make it unintimidating and discreet.

In fact, it’s designed to look just like a USB drive for a computer. You can recharge it by plugging it into a USB port, and no one will be able to tell what it is while it’s out charging.


• Discreet design makes it look no different from a USB drive.

• The small size is perfect for storage or travel.

• It can be recharged at any USB port, so you don’t need to keep buying batteries.

• Because it’s waterproof, you don’t have to be careful while you’re cleaning it.


• There’s no notification when it’s about to run out of charge.

We-Vibe Tango Lipstick Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Speaking of vibrators that look like they could be other things, take a look at this We-Vibe Tango Lipstick vibrator. It’s a small bullet vibrator created to imitate the appearance of lipstick.

This is another remarkably discreet option. We’d be willing to bet that, if you left it out, you someone wouldn’t be able to guess what it really was at a glance.

Another benefit is that it’s so small. You can pack it up in your bag or slide it into a drawer when you’re done with it for the time being.


• Discreet appearance makes it look like a tube of lipstick.

• Small size allows you to pack it up in a bag or drawer.

• Includes a satin storage bag.

• You can charge it at any USB port in the world.

• You only need to press one single button to operate it.


• Some owners report that the charging cable sometimes stops charging the vibrator.

3 Speed Micro Magic Wand Vibrator

Want a wand vibrator that doesn’t feel like you’re wielding another arm? This 3-speed Micro Magic Wand Vibrator is a great pick. You’ll get all the power and user-friendliness of a full-size wand in a mini-sized package.

The handle has been designed to be ergonomic. It fits comfortably in your hand, even if your fingers feel stiff and sore.

Additionally, the head of the wand is ultra-flexible. This makes it possible for you to target those sensitive nerve endings in your clit or aching muscles elsewhere.


• The handle is easy to hold and comfortable.

• Miniature size translates to effortless storage and transport.

• A flexible neck allows you to pinpoint your favourite spots with minimal effort.

• Has 3 different speeds to try out.


• There are a few reports of the battery life being too short.

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Basics Powerful Mini Vibrator

The Powerful Mini Vibrator is perfect for anyone feeling a bit intimidated by the abundance of options out there. It is also excellent for those on a tight budget, as it tends to be quite affordable.

To use it, just twist the dial on the base. It has various vibration intensities for you to test until you find the one that’s perfect for setting you ablaze with intense pleasure. Orgasms couldn’t get any simpler.


• Is generally very budget-friendly.

• All you need to do to use it is twist the base.

• The tapered tip is small and perfect for targeting your clitoris.

• Has multiple speeds for you to experiment with.


• Its battery life can run out quickly.

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Features to Think About When Choosing a Vibrator for an Older Woman

Internal or External

Vibrators can be used as either external stimulators designed to reach your clitoris or as toys that can be inserted for an internal massage against your g-spot.

When we made this list, we specifically looked for vibrators that are all externally focused. The reason we did this is that it’s oftentimes much easier to achieve orgasm by stimulating your clit. Plus, you don’t have to struggle to imitate a thrusting sensation, like if you were using a dildo.

If you really crave penetration, you can start by adding a finger – either your own or your partner’s. As you get more comfortable, you can also consider looking for g-spot vibrators


What a vibrator is made from can make a world of difference. Although we included vibrators made from firm plastic on the list, not all older women are likely to enjoy the way they feel.

If your skin is extra-sensitive, we suggest looking for softer materials. Many vibrators are made from silicone, which is very soft and pleasant to the touch. One of these vibrators would be much more suitable for sensitive skin.

Vibration Intensities and Patterns

No two women are exactly the same. As we age, our genitals often become more sensitive for some and less for others.

This is why a vibrator that can only vibrate at one speed and intensity isn’t necessarily useful. You might find it overwhelming, while someone else might think it’s too light!

Look for vibrators with multiple speeds and patterns. They may sound complicated, but they’ll ensure you get an experience that’s perfect for your unique needs.


Some vibrators are, well, very obviously vibrators. Unless you live alone and never have guests, this can be a problem.

What if you accidentally leave it out and someone sees it? Worse yet, what if you use it and everyone in the house hears it?

That’s where discretion comes in. There are many vibrators specifically made to be discreet, whether it’s their nondescript appearance or their low volume.

Make sure you take a look at customer reviews to determine if a vibrator is too loud. As for looks, you can gauge based on the pictures if they’ll be easy to conceal.

Power Source

Vibrators can be powered in different ways, and this has a huge impact on how you use them. A battery-powered vibrator, for instance, can be used anywhere. However, you will need to keep buying fresh batteries for it as it runs out.

Mains-powered vibrators need to be plugged in. They will never run out of batteries, but you can only use them near an outlet.

USB-rechargeable vibrators combine features of both battery- and mains-powered ones. You can plug them into a USB port to recharge them, and you can use them virtually anywhere. Just be sure to remember to charge them up regularly, or you’ll find them running out of power in the middle of your play!

Wrap Up

Here’s the important takeaway from this list: orgasms don’t have a maximum age limit. No matter how old you are, you can continue to experience the wonders of a toe-curling orgasm, and the right vibrator can make that easy to achieve.

Our top recommendation from this list is the Flash 7 Function Rechargeable Vibrator. It’s petite and discreet with a design that resembles a flash drive. Not only will no one be able to tell what it really is, but storing it and taking it along with you will be a snap.

You’ll also love the velvety smooth silicone. It will feel good in your hand, and of course on your sensitive clitoral nerve endings.

Want to know what our overall recommendations are? Read our post about the best vibrators in Australia.

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